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Designers are creative engineers.

The introduction of good design is needed for a company to be successful. What is good design? Product design is the total configuration of a product: its form, colour, material, and construction. The product must serve its intended purpose efficiently.

“You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people”

- Dieter Rams

A designer who wants to achieve good design must not regard himself as an artist who, according to taste and aesthetics, is merely dressing up products with a last-minute garment. The designer must be a creative engineer. They synthesize the completed product from the various elements that make up its design. Their work is largely rational, meaning that aesthetic decisions are justified by an understanding of the product’s purpose.

I am convinced that people have an interest in what we are doing as designers since our products are useful; I expect they also appreciate the aesthetic that follows. These qualities are the result of progressive and intelligent problem-solving. Functionality must be at the centre of good design.