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The View Online News is based in Queenstown, Eastern Cape. It is founded at the time where predictions, through statistics, show that about 15-billion people will make full use of the internet by 2020. The View has taken the view not to be hostile against government.

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  • Client: theview
  • Website: theviiew.com
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Role: Product designer and Branding

The Challenge

Theview needed a design partner to quickly move forward through the creation of communication pieces and facilitate the democratization of publishing online news. I wanted to create the website that correlates with its branding and visual patterns. I collaborated with the client over the branding guideline from the Graphic Designer point of view. The challenge was to combine research and visual elements to create an engaging news and best advertising experience.

User Research

To better understand the user's pain point, I’ve conducted private user interviews and sent out email surveys.

The survey was collected to understand the users’ goals, attitude, and priorities when accessing information.

When asked about preference in physical newspaper or online newspaper, most viewers preferred online newspaper because of convenience and Covid-19 made it extremely difficult to go out.

I then asked viewers how confident they feel about asking other viewers for best updated information and news.

I then asked the most frustrating part when looking for opportunities and business owners trying to reach a large group of people. Most viewers stated that making sure they have sufficient platform for everyone and making sure enough news options are readily available.

The Problem

Based on the viewer interviews and surveys, the viewers want to read the best news without going out. They want to save money and have more free time for social activities. The viewers want a reliable source to get questions resolved promptly. I’ve gathered all the information and synthesized several root problems and potential solutions through storyboarding, card sorting, and user flow.

The Solution

To solve this problem, I centered the project on user interfaces (UI) that makes it easy for viewers to access the best possible information in a short peroid of time. By making the UI simple and intuitive, viewers can easily digest and find relevant information. The goal is to make the viewer feel that the website is reliable and useful.


The user flow is the basis for content requirements on web screens. Beginning with an understanding of viewer needs helps build an experience that is designed to meet those needs.

First, I designed the onboarding section. I wanted to gather information about the viewers’ category interest. Based from the selected category interest, a customized feed will be populated.

flow cart

I proceeded to designing the main feed and it’s counterparts. This is to map out how each interaction will transition from page to page. I’ve organized the main features of the website through sections.


A sketch was produced with pen and paper to brainstorm ideas of how the design should appear based on the data gathered.


  • Headlines, Body Text:Poppins 16pt, 20pt
  • Body Text:Bold Quicksand 16pt, 20pt

Current design trends is to select only 2 types of font styles. For a crisp and classic feel, I chose Poppins for the main body text and headlines. For Advertisement section, I went with Quicksand.


Bringing contrast, stucture, strength to the design in equal proportions. Reflecting the company's personality, style and mission. This abstract symbol is also design to be picked up and used by people who support their movement for better news . And because it's abstract it can take on the emotions and personality of anyone who carries it..


Working on an newspaper site was a unique experience. I had to research and take consideration of the internal and external triggers that drives customer to place an advertisement and attract more people to read the online newspaper. By understanding the users’ needs, I’ve designed a site that’s simple, convenient, and easy to use. The next step is to continuously test the prototype and develop the feasibility from design to code.

Final Product

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